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Gulf Benthic Taxonomy Assessment, LLC
Jerry McLelland, Ph.D. (click on name to send email)
111 Cotton Creek Dr
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Gulf Benthic Taxonomy Assessment (GBTA) is a privately owned consulting company specializing in the taxonomy and ecology of marine and estuarine benthic invertebrates. Services include on-site environmental consulting, benthic sample collection and analysis, and quality control of taxonomic data collected by other organizations. GBTA and its associates have over 40 years of experience in investigating various marine habitats from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Bahamas and Atlantic seaboard. These include bays and estuaries, salt marsh and mangrove swamps, submerged sea grass beds, coral reefs, and deep ocean sediment.

John H. Epler, Ph.D. (click on name to send email)
461 Tiger Hammock Road
Crawfordville FL 32327
Chironomidae and Water Beetles of Florida Web Site

International expert on aquatic insects esp. Chironomidae. Author of Identification Manual for the Larval Chironomidae of Florida (1995), Identification Manual for the Water Beetles of Florida (1996), Biosystematics of the Genus Dicrotendipes of the World (1988) and numerous other papers dealing with chironomid systematics and aquatic insect ecology. Check out his web site Chironomidae and Water Beetles of Florida for information on how to order the identification manuals, additions and corrections for the manuals, a list of publications and other goodies.

Water & Air Research, Inc

David L. Evans, Ph.D. (click on name to send email)
6821 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, Florida 32608
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Water & Air, Inc. Web Site

Water & Air Research, Inc., a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm, offers a wide range of biological services including expertise in endangered species, wetland analysis, natural resource management plans, and surface water quality evaluations. Ongoing water quality projects include assessment of the health of surface waters through monitoring water quality and quantity, sediment quality, algae, aquatic plants, and benthic invertebrates and fish of freshwater and marine environments. Our personnel are trained and certified in Florida Department of Environmental Protection Stream Condition Index and Bio-reconnaissance methods to evaluate the overall health of river and stream systems.

Our project approach incorporates quality assurance measures to ensure cost-effective and accurate results. Water & Air interdisciplinary staff includes more than forty engineers, scientists, planners, and support personnel. Based in Gainesville, Florida since our 1970 founding, we provide environmental services for numerous clients in Florida, the Caribbean, throughout the United States, and abroad.

Robert P. Rutter (click on name to send email)
Aquatic Entomologist
25 years experience with Florida streams, lakes and wetlands
Certified Professional Entomologist, ESA
Certified Professional Ecologist, ESA

1090 Kensington Street, Port Charlotte Florida 33952
Phone 941-625-5804

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