Since the very beginning of FAB, the Florida Benthological Newsletter has been one of the main means of communication among the societyís membership. The current Newsletter Editor is Peggy Morgan; Assistant Editor is Julie Bortles. The Newsletter is typically published 2 times per year and includes information on upcoming FAB events (meetings and workshops), recent literature of relevance to FAB members, news, announcements, and society business (minutes of meetings, financial reports, listings of officers and committee chairs, etc.).

Back-issues of the Newsletter are available on this website or by contacting the Editor. Current issues are made available to MEMBERS ONLY, but you can request a complimentary current issue of the Newsletter by contacting the Editor.

Peggy Morgan, Editor
Pinellas County Natural Resources
(727) 464-8762
Doug Strom, Interim Assistant Editor
Water & Air Research, Inc.
(352) 224-1555

Back Issues Available

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