Student Awards

The FAB Endowment Fund Student Award Program

The mission of FAB is to provide a forum for the interchange of information and training for benthologists and scientists in related disciplines. The organization was formed to share expertise and information on the use of aquatic community structures and processes (quantity and quality of the biota) to evaluate water quality conditions and ecosystem function. FAB holds regular meetings and workshops at which reports about environmental studies and taxonomic advances are presented.

The student award program is to encourage student presentations and/or posters of relevant studies at FAB's annual meetings, which are generally held in November or December at a time and place announced 6 or more months in advance. Students are requested to submit abstracts for such presentations to the Program Chair no later than three weeks before the event.

A student is defined as an individual enrolled in a degree program at an accredited college, institute or university.

Best Oral Presentation for Graduate Student Presenter and Undergraduate Student Presenter at the Annual Meeting receives each a 0.00 award. In addition, meeting registration and annual dues (student rate of .00) will be paid by FAB. Total award value = 5.00.

Best Poster Presentation receives 0.00 award. In addition, meeting registration and annual dues will be paid by FAB. Total award value = 5.00.

Indicate whether the abstract is for a poster or oral presentation. Abstracts should be submitted to the Program Chair as email attachments, preferably in Word as the Program Agenda will be prepared in Microsoft Word

Typing dimensions: Maximum ˝ page of single-spaced type using Times New Roman 10-point font. Page margins should be one inch. The Program Chair may edit the abstract for format.
Order of parts: Title, author(s), affiliation(s), text (including acknowledgment of financial and technical assistance).

Title: Upper and lower case with the first letter of all important words in upper case. Entire title should be in bold print.

Author(s): Immediately following title. Type each authors name in full (first name, middle initial, last name) using same format as “Title” without bold print. Place “and” before the last author’s name. If multiple authors with different affiliations, indicate with a superscript number corresponding to each institution.

Affiliation(s): Immediately following author(s). Same format as “Title” without bold print. Institution name only.

Oral Presentations:
Presenters are generally allotted a 15 minute time slot in the program including approximately 3 minutes for questions.

Poster exhibits of relevant scientific studies will be displayed during the annual meeting.

Judging will occur during the meeting and awards will be presented on the last day of the meeting.

In the event that fewer than two students participate in either or both categories the award(s) will be deferred to the following year. The Program Chair (or designee) will notify the sole applicant(s) prior to the meeting should this occur.

FAB President
E-mail: president@flbenthos.org